Pewterers guild device - a spoon with a crown

The Pewterers guild is dedicated to the art of pewter casting using period techniques. The Pewterers guild organizes classes, encourages the creation of site tokens and of personal tokens, and encourages discussion.

As guilds go, the Pewterers guild is somewhat informal. Although many core guild events happen within the Barony of Madrone and many projects are closely related to Madrone events, the Pewterers guild has no official charter from either Madrone or An Tir. The main guild gatherings happen in the Barony of Madrone, An Tir, and we give regular reports to Their Excellencies of Madrone.

Participation with the guild is open to anyone who has interest, regardless of geography. Our e-mail discussion list includes artisans from throughout the known world and we encourage all pewterers to join the ongoing conversation.

Our mottoes:

"It's hot, stupid"


"It's not that you can't touch it, you just can't touch it for very long"