Stoneman Distributors

Unit 1 - 79 Bessemer Rd,
London Ontario N6E 1P9

From Dafne:

Owner/Operator: Robert Morgan. Great guy to work with and very reasonable. I have ordered from him 3 times now, each time anywhere from 30 to 100lbs. Including and depending on shipping, each 3x3x1 slab costs me approximately $3 - $5 per ($5 was when I did a rush order and had to have a special delivery).
When ordering, ask for soapstone used for makings mold for pewter casting. He gets a lot of his business from folks like us, so he knows that we want clean stones, with very little inclusions and fissure lines. The stone is very easy to carve and pretty durable too.
The stone colors range from tan to a brownish-grey-green, all from the same 3x3x5 slab (he also sells 4x6x? slab). He will cut these down to approx. 1" thick blocks, and I don't believe he charged me anything extra for the cutting.

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